Engineering Manager

  • September 29, 2020

We are looking for Engineering Manager that has:

  • Experience as fullstack software developer: Golang, Java, Kotlin, .NET C#/C++, Native Android, Objective C, Swift, Flutter, Angular or React.
  • Experience with buliding scalable, robust backend system with microservice architecture.
  • Experience with mobile and web development in multi screen/factor (potrait, landscape).
  • Has a good sense of UI/UX and design.
  • Good leader and experienced in leading team.
  • Experience with Agile Methodology and SCRUM.
  • Experienced working with DevOps teams to align development with the state of the art CI/CD.
  • Experienced in test automation, code coverage and static code analysis.
  • Bachelor’s degree. (Preferably in Computer Science/Information Technology)
  • Possesses good problem solving and debugging skills – able to identify bugs and trace them down to the source.
  • Fun to work with and a team player.
  • Willingness to learn from others, to share and to grow.
  • Self motivated and able to inspire people to be motivated.

Extra plus for:

  • Master degree.
  • Has a good track record proven by work portfolios in Startup or Fintech.
  • Has experience in lending or e-commerce business.
  • Coming from reputable university.
  • Experienced working as Engineering Manager, Technical Lead, Fullstack Developer, Software Architect, Senior Developer, Senior Engineer, Senior Programmer

What you will be doing:

  • Leading and improving a team of 5 to 10.
  • Coaching developers to grow to their utmost potentials.
  • Responsible in developing and maintaining sub-systems to be secure, stable, easy to use and beautiful.
  • Participate in preparing systems requirements, specifications and design.
  • Ensure maintainability of core app assets and artifacts.
  • Growing and innovating continuously with us.