Senior UI Engineer

  • July 19, 2021


– As a UI engineer, you will work closely with UI/UX Designer, combining the art of design and programming in order to build user facing web and apps with optimum user experience

– You will write code that match our company guideline and solve challenging frontend problems

– UI/UX is your bestfriend, together you will transform high fidelity into code of visual elements or component of application. You will need to coordinate with yet another best friend, the backend engineer to integrate your work with our backend service

– The code that you write should work consistently across browser and platform


⁃ Attention to detail, having design consistency and maintainable frontend architecture

⁃ Proficient understanding of javascript

⁃ Good understanding of asynchronous request handling and partial page updates

⁃ Experience with mobile apps using Flutter or Kotlin is a plus

⁃ Experience in building web apps with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

⁃ Eager to learn and grow with teamwork mindset

⁃ Good sense of pixel perfect styling

⁃ Good understanding with component based js framework (vue/angular/react)

⁃ Experience with vue.js is a plus