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We Don't Just Code,
We Also Create
Social Impact

About Tech Tribes

Amartha is a tech centered P2P lending company. Our tech teams is made up of a group of passionate engineers who are grouped to user focused tribes, which here at Amartha we have three main users: lenders, borrowers, and field agents. Amartha exponential growth has led great technical and technology challenges to accomplish, so if you want to grow and have a first-hand experience how we actually create impact in Indonesia--Amartha is the place to be!


We design, develop, evaluate, modify, test and maintain Amartha’s product and system. With our amazing team we support Amartha’s mission of using technology to create social impact in Indonesia. We always inovate our products by using the latest technology to deliver more high quality products.


The physical, mental, emotional and financial health of our people is something we’ll never stop caring about. We drive new business initiative beyond lending business. We help Amartha grow faster by automating and digitizing some of the key business process. We provide the best portfolio management and impact investing experience for our customers.


We develop credit scoring model for digital products, develop early warning system model for retail and corporate loan. We also provide strategy in acquiring and retention customer for digital platform by understanding customer behaviour and analyze customers data to get insight for our digital marketing team


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