We Are Amartha

Great Things Happen
When Good People
Work Together

We work and provide social impact and
welfare for Indonesia. #MenjadiAmartha

Why Amartha?

Here we go on to create something big to build a nation without poverty and create impact, democratize financial services through technology innovations, enabling everyone to prosper together. Amartha help women micropreneur in rural areas to be prosperous through technology.


About Our Culture

As a tech company our company culture always deliver high-quality product with the greatest talent who are eager to succeed, with vibrant work environment, and prioritize the work-life balance.


We are persistent and consistently demonstrate strong performance. We continually raise the bar to deliver high-quality products, services and processes.

We consistently act with intergrity and demonstrate responsibillity in fully-owning our task. As a leader, we create more leaders.

We learn eagerly to earn customer trust and to become knowledgeable about business, technology, and market. We use data, research and analytics to create innovations.

We shows humility in serving our customers and create social impact through Amartha. We work collaboratively to solve problems and implement solutions.

We move fast and boldly. We are agile, able to think strategically, identify root causes tactically and provoke practical solutions.

Our Life at Amartha

Create big impact and do it with amazing people while having fun and growing together

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